David Scamehorn

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CHAINED (2014)

Chained is a side-scrolling puzzle-platformer that explores the nature of negative dependency and loss metaphorically through its ball-and-chain mechanic. 

Developed by Those Guys↗.
Released in 2014 on PC↗.

>Contributions (c.2014)
  • Scripting
  • Level Design
  • UX Design

“Games for Good“ Gold Winner↗ International Serious Play Awards / 2014
Best Art Winner↗ Sense of Wonder Night / 2014

>Exhibits // Events
Sense of Wonder Night↗ Tokyo Game Show / Tokyo, Japan / 2014
Intel University Games Showcase↗ Marriott Marquis / San Francisco, CA / 2014
PAX Prime↗ WSCC / Seattle, WA / 2013


>Level Design

Dev Blog Post ↗

>UX/UI Design

The goal for the UX was to keep things straightforward and as “immersive” as possible through diegetic means. The game itself didn’t need much UI other than some text to communicate keybinds for certain actions. Otherwise, things like adjusting screen brightness, throwing indicators, and other relevant info are conveyed throughout the world in a largely unobtrusive way.