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PETS RACE (2015)

Pets Race is part networked PvP multiplayer racing game and part pet sim developed for mobile platforms. Each race pits 4 online players against each other as they push their pets towards the finish line, sabotaging one another along their way to victory.

Developed by Kooapps↗ (USA/Philippines Team).
Released in 2015 on Android↗.

>Contributions (c.2014-2015)
  • Production
  • Game & UX Design


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> Overview
Inspired by popular games of the genre on the Nintendo 64, the game aimed to take the same local-multiplayer feeling and bring it to smaller, more portable mobile devices. Emphasis on grieving one another and being able to witness those moments of others’ anguish was aesthetically core to the experience and served as the overarching design goal. In order to fulfill the monetization goals of the FTP game, a pet-sim element was created to encourage investment and retention in which players could customize and take care of their pet racers.